13 May 2013

baguette magique

in french that translates to magic wand... we were enlightened of this fact when we went to see the final instalment of the harry potter films (in french) all those years ago - oh, really its hard not to giggle... and  ever since then I've wanted to have a sword fight with baguettes. This mother's day my wish came true. We picked up three splendid varieties from the marche - normal, campagne (with a little rye) and tradition (with sourdough) - we tried our best moves and Reu decided he would rather eat his... afterwards we had a picnic in the sunshine with other market buys; plump blueberries, crisp lettuce and grated carrot salad, mushroom tart, rabbit terrine, cheeses, butter and glorious fresh baguette! happiest of mother's days indeed 

p.s. that last photo is of Reu with the brebis (a creamy mild sheep's cheese) - oh my, we have raised a little frenchman after all!


  1. Who is that unmasked man? I must know!!

  2. rue is growing up a nice french-baby indeed.

  3. You guys are so much fun! and yes, the cutest lil frenchman to boot!

  4. Glorious, glorious my friend!
    You are the picnic expert of all!!!

    Looooove baguettes! Reu is probably smarter than all of you for wanting to eat his rather than fight with it!! ;)


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