16 May 2013

au revoir

It is hard to pen the words - tonight I am leaving.

my heart brims full with memories of here;
the embrace of my lover in our first house alone (together)
the sight of my son fresh born,
the sound of sweet bird song
the stumble over french verb and phrase,
the hard work and the soft pause
the midnight pacing in the garden
and hundred walks around the block,
the quiet months and the dark days,
summer dusk and autumn morn -

 I want to cry and sing and murmur all at once, thank you, thank you... I am turbulent with anticipation - tonight an an eight-hour flight, tomorrow in a very very hot india, and beyond - in my homeland - rest, respite, reunion...

I am sad. I am joyful. I am weary. jittery. hopeful. yes, so very hopeful.

I rest where I must and can only truly rest,
I rest in Him.

au revoir mes amis et bonsoir,


  1. Good luck & safe travels to you and your family, Emily! Thinking about you today!
    xo E

  2. Sad but terribly exciting!!! I just love logging on each day and reading your blog, I have done so for years now, every morning. Thank you for sharing Paris with me, a fellow Australian who will probably never see it for myself. Safe travels xx mim

  3. Leaving Paris :(

    Seeing old friends and family at home :)

  4. lovely words. have a safe trip! it's pretty chilly in Melbourne, although i don't know where you're heading ;)

  5. Rest in Him sister..rest in His perfect grace, timing, plan, and love!

    God bless, friend! Excited for you all!

  6. Good luck. xx Can't wait to see you here in Australia!!!

  7. Much love, mama! Wishing you a wonderful, safe, happy trip <3

  8. Oh my heart...inevitable pangs! away you fly!
    Hope the journey home has been bearable- Much love to you, dearest e!

  9. I am thinking of you and your loved ones... Wishing you a safe trip and a happy, happy reunion.

  10. Oh you beautiful woman....yes, rest there. xoxoxxo

  11. You need a goodbye to have a reunion...What better way to remember a goodbye than with a family photobooth shoot!

    Rest deep in goodness my friend - Love and prayers as you make your way back down here.

  12. wishing you a safe trip! What a magical life it seems you had in Paris. I'm excited to hear and see of your life in Australia. :)

  13. I pray that everything will go well & your little monkey will sleep peacefully through it all!

  14. Ohhh I know I am SO late to get to this post... but I am thinking of you all in this transition and hoping your return will be WONDERFUL and joyous. Much love to you.


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