22 Apr 2013

sweet growing things

oh what sweet growing things can be picked from our garden right now; surprise tulips, anemones, hyacinths and (my favourite) lambs' ears... 

this afternoon the babe and I are off over the mediterranean sea to nth africa for a week to meet up with alex (aka papa)... I am not looking forward to the hours in transit, three-stop-overs and late night travelling with a baby who would normally be fast asleep - but I am so very excited about getting over again to that part of the world we love so well, fellowshipping, eating tagine (and olives and msesmen),  speaking a little arabic, and of course being in the arms of my husband.

before I go though I want to offer a little giveaway of my spring makings. one lucky person will receive a french floral bag, tea purse, cherry blossom embroidered hoop, bird brooch and crocus pin, and a vintage tin full of green tea with rose petals and dried pear. all you need to do is leave a comment here and tell me what your favourite spring florals are.... I will announce the winner on tuesday april 30th.


**Congratulations** to Eileen, who said of her favourite florals:

Where I live we are now in the thick of spring. Friday when I ventured into our courtyard my breath was taken away by large crepe like peonies. I had forgotten about them during our dreary winter, but oh how magnificent they are!


  1. Wow! what a lovely giveaway.

    I will gladly put my comment in. My favourite spring floral is a tulip. Their cheery yellow brings me joy just after the gray of winter.

    Have a good journey.

  2. Mmmmmm what a giveaway fit for Autumn! (jokes...)

    Well I seem to have forgotten what blooms here in spring but I always love a good blossoming tree that will turn into a luscious fruit bearing heavy laden tree come summer....so I love peach and cherry blossoms :)

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip to that spicy and pattern-y part of the world you love so well!

  3. that is a beautiful giveaway!! i just adore daffodils, always have, always will.
    safe journey back to my and your homeland :)

  4. Lovely flowers to have pop up in your own garden, I adore tulips but have never really managed to grow them here in Sydney. Me, favourite springtime florals? All the subtle flowers that pop up in the Australian bush, including the pink blush of Boronia and soft Flannel Flowers. You can tell I grew up on May Gibbs!

    What a thoughtful handmade giveaway.

    Best of luck with your travels, it is so much more difficult journeying with a little one.

  5. I love all the spring flowers...daffodils are so cheerful...and the wee grape hyacinths so fragrant...probably my favorite are the dogwood blossoms...blooming right now...

    ...Thank you for being so generous...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. Have a good trip, my friend. You are brave to travel alone with Reu.

    Everything in this giveaway is so delicate and gorgeous. I would be thrilled to be the lucky winner.

  7. All of them! It's such a relief to see them after the winter. I plant up pots every year, and I love the years I do a big mix of colours, tulips, hyacinths, daffodils. I love the little crocus that peep out from under the hedge. I love the cyclamen, their leaves akways make me think of little storybook rabbits for some reason. Little grape hyacinths too: once i had some which were striped dark and light, they were so beautiful.Wild primroses, primulas, OI can't stop! I think I love them all! Winter in the UK this year has been so long, flowers are still just beginning here.

    Ps I found your blog today, I skipped over here from Posie Gets Cosy. I wish you a lovely trip


  8. My favorite spring flowers are peonies. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

    P.S. Also, thank you for stopping by my blog. I have been reading Thoughts and Biro Sketches for a long time and was happy to see you had stopped by. :)

  9. Tulips in your garden? How beautiful! Enjoy your trip... I pray that Reu will sleep some or at least be nicely settled so you don't need to stress at all.
    And a giveaway.. exciting! :) I love that bag.. My favourite spring blooms are the mish-mash of wildflowers that pop up around the place.

  10. Well... I love daisies and lavander!!
    Good trip!

  11. Where I live we are now in the thick of spring. Friday when I ventured into our courtyard my breath was taken away by large crepe like peonies. I had forgotten about them during our dreary winter, but oh how magnificent they are!

    Thanks for the chance

  12. What a lovely giveaway! How generous!

    My favorite spring flowers are wild crocuses. In the Canadian boreal forest, when you see them coming out of the ground it means that spring is finally here after these cold and dark months of winter...

    Have a pleasant trip in Africa with your little one! I would love to see this part of the world someday..


  13. Hi there Emily!
    Spring is finally showing her face here in Toronto too! Some of my favourites are magnolias, lilacs, and peonies.
    Have a wonderful trip!
    Lots of love,

  14. My favourite spring flowers are crocus', partly because they are one of the first to appear and bring the promise that warmer weather is on it's way!

  15. Plum Blossoms :) they´re so adorable..just love them :D

  16. I love margarita flower... so simple and still so beautiful.

    Good luck in your trip, be safe and enjoy!!

    Blessngs from Santiago, Chile <3

  17. Freesias. The smell of old fashioned freesias that grow in the grass. And old fashioned roses. Particularly the ones at my Grandma's place that smell so lovely.

    Take care travelling!

  18. I love poppies and tulips, and most of all flowering trees like the redbud and crabapple.

    Thoughts and Biro Sketches is one of my favorite places to visit. Thank you for sharing this lovely space with us, and for offering such a generous giveaway.

    Wishing you safe and happy travels.

  19. Gorgeous giveaway!

    You and Reu will be in our thoughts and prayers as you travel across to Morocco and be sure to give Albatros our love.
    My favourite spring blooms are my hyacinths. Three bulbs saved from year to year and planted out in a deep terracotta dish in Autumn to appear in white and purple magic a few months later!

  20. It's probably highly unpopular, but I love dandelions! I love that they are warriors & they are free & despite them being hated by nearly everyone in my neighborhood, they keep coming back year after year. I love that until I get my cut flower garden growing things, my girls have a bounty of dandelions to pick in my yard & everyone else's -- it's the one flower nobody minds having children pick from their yards. I hope your trip is uneventful & your little man sleeps soundly throughout! oooh-- such lovelies, I hope I win!

  21. forget-me-not! aren't they just perfect? and the name is so magical...

  22. Oh, every Spring it's just an aching toss-up between daphne, magnolia trees, and the lilacs (which just bloomed!).

  23. Jasmine is my favourite Spring flower. :) Bunches and bunches of the thing! All spread around the house and making me sneeze, but still needing to push my entire face into them and breathe deeply.


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