6 Apr 2013

off the list

We are making a concerted effort to cross off things from the list (of happy things to do in our last weeks in Paris) - and one was to have a picnic in "the grotto park" - otherwise known as Parc Buttes Chaumont - which is in the 19th arrondissement. We tried our best to picnic... it was nose-bitingly cold, and barely Spring-like... but oh so beautiful.  It really is an extraordinary park on the site of what once was a limestone quarry (and during the revolution was also used for hanging criminals and dumping refuse) - it is huge and hilly, with tall trees, willows, meandering pathways, jogging enthusiasts and little yapping dogs, a rock-nestled temple look-out, a suspension bridge, a lake and yes, even a cavernous grotto. I highly recommend coming here if ever you are in town... especially armed with good bread and cheese!


  1. Oh wow, that would be one place I would miss immensely after moving away.
    Adding it to my list of places to go.

  2. Gosh sounds complete, with everything you could ever need in a park!
    That picnic looks gooooood.

  3. Lovely photos, impish grin of little one, happy mum and 'statuesque' Dad. I love your ideas for making the most of your last weeks memorable.xx

  4. That first photograph is sublime.

  5. That picnic looks scrumptious! And the pic of the willows reminds me of a view of Central Park I saw once in a movie.


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