10 Apr 2013

ode to our maisonette, with love

Favourite scenes and corners in our wee maisonette...

I took these a few days before we began de-cluttering, packing and boxing up our things for the move - (we fly out of Paris airport in exactly five weeks time)

We came here two years ago with four suitcases between us and some very heavy carry-on luggage (ahem there may have been a blue and white teapot and bonded bronze horse sculpture with us) - and despite the fact we couldn't bring many personal items, beloved books, artwork or curiosities, we have (quite miraculously) amassed so many things!

Oh little home, two years carved out,

with no straight lines in sight - 
floor that we ripped up and replaced,
walls we painted, tiles laid, bath we soaked in,
shelves we nailed up, paintings we hung,
meals we prepared, bread we baked,
friends we laughed with, kin we loved,
first crawl and steps made, 
windows that showed us sunshine
and falling snow,
home in which we sighed,
shed tears and dreamed -
garden we grew and harvested,
path we splashed our toes along -
morning birds and wild ivy,
you funny old, cosy thing - 
you are so dear to our hearts
for all of this, and especially because
you are the first home
my love and I have made alone,
and also, of course, where our baby grew inutero
and out... notre chère petite maisonnette! 

may your next inhabitants rest peacefully between your walls
and enjoy you as we have...


  1. Such a homey looking place. <3

  2. I always think that there is something very memorable about the place you bring your firstborn home to. A sort of hallowed space somehow.

    On another note, how are you going to bring all this home?

    1. yes! you are so right about the magic of a home you bring your newborn home to!

      and on the other note, we are going to post about 7 boxes of things by sea (mostly good clothes, books, a few treasures, alex's deer head and my sewing machine) the rest we have already begun to give away to friends or the goodwill centre - and we will take minimal luggage on the plane with us :) xx

  3. I adore this post and I adore you! Such beautiful, cozy corners of your home are lovely to see. Love and prayers across the sea for your last few weeks in Paris!

    1. thank you! I treasure your love & prayers in this time xx

  4. I wish i will have a home like yours,and that baby,so cute,my kisses to him or her?

    can you read my blog,and concerned about my blog,follow me on bloglovin,thank you


  5. What a pretty little home!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. What a lovely little place. I'm hoping the upcoming move isn't too stressful! I'll be sending out another letter this weekend :)

  7. This is so sweet. Your words always make me feel so warm. And your home is so charming! Moving is hard sometimes but new beginnings are exciting. :)

  8. Indeed it is a lovely little maisonnette. I remember when you first arrived. Now your place is so "full" of things and memories. I'm sure you will look back on this home throughout your lifetime; a home full of love and treasured times. Blessings as you prepare to depart. xx

  9. Bless the maisonnette, and it's dear inhabitants...

  10. You've captured your beautiful little home, transformed with love, in a treasure trove of photos to remember it by. I wish we'd done the same with photos of our first 'attic' home in Switzerland and later of African abode, xx

  11. Love-ly.
    Ah the first home you and your love made together, all the way in France, is so beautiful, simple and lightfilled with so much personal beauty all around(and art! love that deer head and how it doesn't have to be a brutal real one to be cool.
    5 weeks after two years. wow.Really the world is all the same place....it could all be home in a way.
    But you're coming back to Aus!

    1. thank you dear Ailin, as always for your sweet words and wishes xx

  12. Oh it is a beautiful place Em, a real home. Love all the photos round the stag's head covered in fairy lights x

    1. thanks Nell :) and yes we love the stag's head (which my clever husband made from Ikea packaging!) so we are posting him home with us xx

  13. What a beautiful place! It will be a bittersweet departure, I'm sure.
    As I write this, I'm packing up our belongings in preparation for our (far less distant) move on Monday. I took photos of Maya in every room of the house, so that when she's older she can see the house she first came home to..

  14. I can see how much of you that you brought to this space & how much of a warm, loving feel it has to it -- how quickly you have made it a home. I have lived in my home for 12 years & it is only just evolving to be a place that reflects what's inside of me & the warmth I want my family to feel-- that is truly a talent that you have there-- what a blessing to your family.

  15. I LOVE this. I hope my home is half as lovely someday. You seem to focus so intently on the beauty of the ordinary things of life - and of making your surroundings as rich as possible. It's ridiculously inspiring!


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