20 Mar 2013

sling diaries XI: beauty

Oh to wear you
sweet child of mine,
in fresh garden green -
to grasp the first of
spring's givings -
the shy crocus
the golden daffodil -

together we smell and see
a new season coming,
we embrace her warmer climes,
with all the colour, busyness,
and blossoming she will bring -

we walk outside without a heavy coast,
we walk, twirl and spin,
we snuggle close
(because we probably needed that big coat after all)

and I whisper in your ears,
a thing of beauty is a joy forever;
and its true,
a thing like you.

mama + babe are wearing simple silk sling in "spruce" by Sakura Bloom


  1. Gorgeous greens and purple.

    Wow! It really turned to Spring there so quickly after your snows. Here it is still cold. We had our crocuses bloom some time ago but Spring is delayed by coolish weather.

    1. Thank you Penny! Yes it is quite a transformation and one I do feel quite ready for xx

  2. oh my heart, spring has sprung, you beautiful mama&babe!

  3. Beautiful pictures! And yes it really does look like spring there. Things are blooming here in California too and its starting to warm up here by the coast. I'm excited for these spring days! I love how your posts are like poems! Simply lovely!

  4. I adore these photos so much...the two of you look so beautiful together. i can just feel the love....
    Ronnie xo

  5. Lovely pics! :)

    It's so good to see you enjoying each moment of your motherhood like this!

  6. Ah these photos are so vibrant and aLIVE.

  7. Such sweet and beautiful photos :) You are both so lovely, as always. xo

  8. Makes me so happy to see your smile here, and those sweet spring blooms. I know how you were longing for the coldest days to pass and the sunshine again. These are beautiful :)


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