3 Mar 2013

Sling Diaries V: tradition

Little one,
riding the train, is a tradition,
is something I hope I have handed down to you,

I couldn't say just how many times we have ventured 
in and around the labyrinthine Paris underground,
dozens and dozens -
train rides to make appointments
for pleasure, play dates,
travels, adventure,
when you were growing in my womb too.

Your first ever ride on the metro
was when you were six days old -
to be honest, 
I was absolutely horrified 
at the thought of having to take you, 
so freshly born,
in that dark and loud and dirty scape -

I cried on the phone to my midwife
who told me she couldn't do the home-visits we were promised
and that we (without a car) had to come into the clinic ourselves 
for a final test and check-up -

Well, my mum calmed me down, 
kissed my cheeks, 
helped me bundle you snug in my sling,
we went, and were fine -
you slept all the way in.
all the way home. 

And now that you are thirteen months old,
we still go down in that dark and loud and dirty scape,
that is also amusing, beautiful, unexpected -
you are awake all the way in.
all the way home.

You climb the seats,
paw the windows,
smile at passerbys,
listen to buskers
(or watch them dancing),
chatter, coo,
and eat newspaper... 

And then there's that glint,
that exchange of smiles
when we come across other
mamas wearing their babes,
riding the train -

Ah yes, we think,
this is surely the way to do it...

mama & babe are wearing essential linen sling in raven/maple by Sakura Bloom


  1. This is wonderful. I love how malleable "metro lighting" is. beautiful.

    (I dream about having these type of experiences in the future...(in paris) ! step one, gotta find myself a man! ;)


  2. emily you look so beautiful! I love taking julian on the train, we've taken it since he was little too. Now that he's older, he points to it when we pass, and trains are his favorite toys!

  3. This is SO lovely!! I also would have balked to take my little guy on the Paris Metro in the beginning. Now it looks like you do it with ease. This is making me miss living in a city with a subway!

  4. Oh the train acrobats!? Is that common?
    Something about your appearance seems so very Parisian, you have acclimated beautifully.

  5. lovely words, lovely pictures! Just lovely. :) I got to travel the Paris trains on my honeymoon so when I see pictures of them it brings back some fond memories with my husband, exploring that amazing city. I loved when you said "that exchange of smiles when we come across other mamas wearing their babes..." it's so true. Even just walking around. If I am wearing Eloise and I see another mama wearing their baby there is always that recognition and nod or smile. I love that we are part of this special community of mothers.

  6. "Ah yes, we think,
    this is surely the way to do it..."

    I concur, my dearest :)


  7. lovely lovely. when we visit paris, this is one of our stops:)

  8. What a beautifully written post!

  9. How sweet! :)

  10. have you had a french hair cut yet? your hair is looking wonderful.


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