21 Mar 2013

sling diaries, looking back

sling diaries one / two / three / four / five / six

And so ends the sakura bloom sling diaries volume II - what a pleasure it has been to wear my very dearest littlest friend in such soft and beautiful slings - to document this brief moment in his life when I wear him on my hip - in three different seasons - abroad and near home - and to delight in the scenes and stories of others wearing their little ones too...

also, a special thanks to my handsome love for capturing us through the lens...

happy thursday to you


  1. Lovely!! I adore the babywearing days. I miss it so much.

    Sometimes I still put G in a sling or backpack carrier. But it's not everyday like it used to be <3 Love.

  2. I thank Sling Diaries for leading me to your lovely blog! It's such a wonderful series of posts. I did apply, myself, for the next one and would love to be able to participate, but even if I don't get chosen it's neat to share in the joy of baby wearing with so many different and lovely bloggers!

  3. Enjoyed reading all your Sling Diary posts! :)

  4. That third one stood out to me as just breathtakingly beautiful back then, and it does not too. I cannot believe it's been 6 months already!


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