24 Mar 2013

dimanche des rameaux

as babe and I make our rounds about the produce markets, we see elderly men and women clutching branches of olive leaves, we hear bells ringing, and I say to my bonny boy, do you know today is palm sunday - when I was little, we had a real live donkey come to church, we waved tall palm fronds and we sang hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest....

one of my commitments for Lent this year was to spend time every day in God's living word - to meditate on its meaning, and to write or draw candidly, thoughts, images, conversations that emerged...

for the final seven days I would like to share with you a selection of these contemplations, that they might in some small way speak softly to your soul or nudge lovingly at your heart as they have mine... 


  1. your work is so beautiful. and i will enjoy seeing your interpretation of those sacred words. :)

  2. That notebook looks so interesting!


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