31 Mar 2013

day six

I read recently: vision is seeing through god's eyes
I thought about the faculty of sight,
that can be both looking at what is
about you in that certain moment,
physical properties, structures
but also a looking
back (at past)
forward (at future)
sideways (at dreams)
and sometimes we look,
eyes open,
but we don't really see...

I imagine what it would be
to glimpse at the world
with the Maker's eyes
to have vision
of beginnings and ends
and beginnings again

to look at my short life
and see something beyond
the present moments,
actions, memories, plans -
to an eternal melody
jazz-like, tangling,
truth with beauty,
multi foliate mystery...


  1. Again, I have loved this week of posts so so much and thank you for sharing them with us!! I have so often stretched my mind to this end... who am I in His eyes? And what would Life look like if I knew and could live in the knowing? I hope you and yours have had a wonderful and blessed Lord's day of celebration! xo

  2. I often thank God that He can see it all... what a tiny corner of the whole we see!
    I've been enjoying your posts too =)


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