29 Mar 2013

day four

before you were formed, I knew you
before you were born I sanctified you
before you took breath, I revived you
before you cried out, I wept for you
before you fell down, I caught you
before you hungered, I sustained you
before you imagined, I dreamed you
before you walked, I moved you
before you worked, I laboured for you
before you wondered, I believed you
before you asked, I gave to you
before you created, I created you.


  1. "Before you fell down I caught you." -- I have felt that preemptive catching from a loving Creator before. I have felt it in the spiritual preparation of progression before a hard time hits. I have felt it in the introduction of a new friend into my life before I knew I needed one. I feel it now, as we approach Easter-- I feel as if I'm being held up in a hammock, cradled -- being readied for great changes that are coming on the precipice of the celebration of His ultimate transformation. Thank you for sharing your musings, they are truly inspiring me.


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