2 Feb 2013


tomorrow my baby turns one,
tomorrow marks 365 days I have awoken with this remarkable little person beside me,

I can't help but feel a little weepy reading over his birth story and looking back at my monthly notes and photographs -
thinking about how quickly it all goes, how beautiful and precious those moments and milestones were,
actually... its the preciousness of now - today - each and every day I am blessed to know this child, and to be his mama...

last day of his eleven-month-hood won't you slow down a little?


  1. So sweet! What a year it`s been in his life. He is already a world traveller. Happy birthday to your little darling. Blessings. xx

  2. I can't believe it's been a year already...where does the time go? *whimper*
    Many Happy Returns to that handsome bebe of yours!

  3. What a lovely post, and what a blessing! The cheerful reference with which you describe motherhood is always inspiring.

  4. 366 days, my dear... Our little leap babies scored themselves an extra day.
    Happy birthday little Reuben and happy birthday to you, mama.

    Incase you feel utterly emotional tomorrow and feel yourself welling up, I was told its *a thing*, so embrace it :)

    Have a beautiful day x

  5. oh the utter adorableness--i can't take it!
    happy birthday to the little guy, and happy birth-day to you mama. xo

  6. Loving the photo of Reu with his tongue sticking out! He's becoming more and more adorable every day :)

  7. :)

    Wish you and R a happy birthday! :)

  8. Remarkable little person indeed!
    How fast time goes bye, and how forgranted we take moments sometimes.

    He should know he is very lucky to have you as his mama and the love he receives!
    Happy Birthday precious Reu!

  9. Oh Mama, you know how very much I feel for you right now! Hope tomorrow is the happiest of days for you all. Love seeing Rueben's growth through these photos too, goes much too quickly doesn't it.

  10. I have loved watching Reu grow this year. Also: well done mama!

  11. Birthday wishes from afar to my nephew. Looking forward to meeting him in person soon!

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