4 Feb 2013


Dearest little'un, Reuben Kael,
now you are  O N E

It seemed apt then that your birthday be full of colour,
since you bring it so intensely and brilliantly to our lives -

When we awoke the sun was rising pink and orange through the ivy hedge,
Then there was a bright card from your mama and dad,
Lots of balloons to chase about -
Your hand-sewn present, a bits and bobs book, to fiddle through, 
A bright little candle-lady atop your first birthday cake
(which was carrot and banana)
A lovely looking cake to enjoy via skype with your gran and grandad Sims,
A dear little greeny grey cotton crown to adorn your head, and matching bib too - 
A delicious afternoon tea spread to share with neighbours and friends from church
who all came to wish you a happy happy day...

And now you are one
you can walk and hop about with ease,
clap your hands and wave goodbye,
lean in with puckered lips for a kiss,
pull yourself up onto the armchair and lounge unassisted,
stand up confidently in the bathtub
(and turn the tap on and off)
dance to music you enjoy, 
drawn with pen on paper, 

You are a delight our little Reu,
here's to another wonderful, crazy, brilliant year together,
We love you so so much

p.s. this is the sweet film daddy made for you


  1. What a perfect day and a perfect celebration for a little boy of one. Happy Birthday Rue!

  2. Happy happy day little one. What a beautiful boy you are - it's been so lovely to see you grow.

    And that video is so special - I may have to do something similar :) can I ask how you uploaded it to your blog from Vimeo?


    1. dear Nell - all you need to do is hover your mouse on the right hand corner of the Vimeo clip and click "share" and it will give you an embedded HTML code that you paste directly into a blog post - hope that helps!

    2. Oh! I will try that. Thank you sweet xx

  3. I was going to make one of those books and send it over!!! Hahaha - you beat me to it.
    Such a big birthday party!
    Love to you all.

    1. Oh Alice! great minds think alike? I'm sure yours would be lovely... and actually quite a few "alice/mudgee" pieces of fabric made their way in there - the ice creams and the balloons and the lovely red pinstripe you recently send across xx

  4. Happy birthday to such a beautiful one year old! love the cake.. and the photo of the cake and the smile.. xx

  5. Happy happy Birthday you wonerful person.

    beautiful pictures <3

  6. (Reu can turn on the taps??)

    Happy happy birthday Reu! You are one lucky, loved little boy.

    1. hehe Lizzie... admittedly its a tap that you push up and down and swivel from side to side... so I don't know if that still counts?

  7. Oh my! the video- the photos!!! what a perfect way to celebrate him!

    happy happy day to you, handsome little boy! you are dearly loved and blessed to have a wonderful Mum and Dad! xoxo

  8. So sweet :) Happy birthday Reuben and happy birthing day Mama!

  9. and now i'm trying not to cry. so sweet! happy birthday wee guy! :)

  10. that video was so adorable. I have loved that Feist song for ages and combined with clips of you playing with him and his little brown knit pants that came up to his armpits as a wee baby were fantastic! What a beautiful memory for him to cherish

    1. Thanks Heidi :) I love Feist... and yes those days when his clothes were TOO big!

  11. What a sweet post, and an extremely cute video! :)
    Happy first birthday to R! :D
    Love the pic of Reuben surrounded by his balloons.

  12. Gosh that video is the best video ever!!!!!
    I love all the live footage combined with the beautiful photos and the good music!
    Imagine him looking back at it when he's 15, 17 or 20 and going wow I have such cool,'artsy' parents (I don't like to use that word, but couldn't think of anything better haha).
    What a way to celebrate a 1st birthday! Celebration of life really.
    You guys really knwo how to celebrate birthdays I must say.

  13. P.S I think Alex should make more videos! They're so good.

    1. me too Ailin! I think the next one should be... about our two years living in France :)

  14. though i am not a mama, you inspire me endlessly as a woman and as the sort of mama i'd like to be in the future. thank you, dear soul.

  15. Miss B and I watched this video today, and she was enraptured. What a gorgeous production of a gorgeous family. I have to say, I envy having a cinematographer for a husband! I also teared up several times, for how moving it was and for the missing of you.


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