18 Feb 2013

in brief

a very short note to say; in a few hours we will be catching a train to the beautiful alps for a couple of days (almost one year from when we were there last) and we found ourselves overwhelmed with this morning's post, thank you dear dear Lizzie! she knitted these bespoke socks just for me. I feel my feet are as ready for the Alpine cool as they ever will be!
Be kind to thyselves and be back soon xx


  1. have fun! those socks will keep you cozy!

  2. Hurrah! Have a wonderful trip! (Do they fit?)

    1. Yes my dear they do! With a little growing room (or in my case, being able to put a thin pair of cotton socks underneath for extra warmth when out walking in the alps!) thank you again, and the tea too! and sketch book! and lovely cookie cutter (Reu is very smitten with it)

  3. What a wonderful gift! I'm sure those lovely socks will help keep you warm. Have fun!

  4. Enjoy yourselves! Have a great holiday! :)


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