11 Feb 2013

an afternoon adventure

we decide we should go somewhere we have never been before -

so we drive thirty minutes north
to the town of Senlis,
beside the highway scenes
mundane and beautiful;
truck rest stops and green fields
with horses galloping -

we bump along cobbled streets
of a town lined with fine houses -
windows wrapped with wisteria vines,
and painted wooden shutters -

we visit the musee of art
to gaze at work of Séraphine Louis
who once lived and worked nearby -
her hands fashioned floral scenes
so strange and brilliant,
sombre, beautiful -
if you haven't seen the film of her life,
you really must...

we also explore underground,
stone-bare foundations and archaeological finds
from hundreds of years ago -
we enter a great cathedral
to wander and rest,
our steps echoing,
candles blazing -

outside snow whirls
and catches on coat, hair, nose tip -

it is really very cold,
and so we agree unanimously
that hot chocolate and coffee
and fresh crepes are in order,
alex and I share the best crepe I've ever tasted
with homemade salted caramel,
and reu munches happily on a plain one -

afterwards my handsome man
humours me by standing in front
of some magnificent blue
(like his eyes you see)

and we are on the road again,
I distract the littlest adventurer
(who has always intensely disliked being strapped in the car-seat)
we fumble over a balloon, banana, books, water bottle -
we click and sing and make funny sounds
we watch fields and airport runways turn white,

we return to a warm home,
start a bath running, and think
oh, how blessed we are -
for afternoons like these... 


  1. So many interesting places! I always love to see the buildings and the streetscapes. And your three familiar faces!

  2. Such uncomplicated beauty, your life seems to hold. Whether this is true or not, it's beautiful nonetheless. Good for you, going on a new outing. I tend to be a nervous traveler with the baby, it's just hard work. Great new hairdo, btw. And, serendipitous, I am wearing my same Plume - but it's a ring.

  3. Beautiful photos of your adventure. xx

  4. Blessed indeed. We just finished celebrating River's 1st birthday, just the three of us. Sitting down and browsing pictures from the day and I came across one of the two of us, my heart exploded and I was crying. Nothing can beat this love.

  5. I remember road trips with me in the back seat when I had one child, it was a one woman show-- singing, making puppets with my fingers, doing a hundred different voices --everything but dancing the polka -- hahaha, now with three I still sing and do voices but all from the front seat -- I have two sweet girls to do the actions for my little guy in the back.

  6. It's perfect!
    I love you guys I have to say each time.
    Your kind of adventure is my kind of adventure.
    How excellent that you only drive for 30 minutes and see such simply grand sights as these! sigh...so different to Aus!

  7. Oh France...What a magnificent venture! Pure Loveliness.

  8. What a lovely afternoon! Dan and I used to go on day trip adventures all the time. Its a bit harder now with two little ones, but there is such joy in exploring new places :) xo

    ps. Bangs! You look gorgeous- as always!

  9. Those paintings! I shall look this woman up. (Sometimes I wish Tim was more up for adventures. Perhaps adventuring will come along with fatter, post-university finances.) Your day looks lovely. Reuben seems like more of a character all the time. There is a parcel in the mail for you. The lady at the post office warned me it would take about six weeks to reach you--but that means it should be arriving soon. Thinking of you.

  10. stunning! those flowers, that blue! thank you for sharing your lovely day with us. :)

  11. what a wonderful day! The museum looked lovely and that crepe looked divine! It reminded me of the crepes I had in Paris on my honeymoon. :) Beautiful photos!

  12. You are really blessed if you are able to sneak out afternoons like that. :)
    Gorgeous pictures!

  13. The arworks are so 'Thoughts and Biro Sketchy'! love the family photos so lovely each of you!


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