18 Jan 2013

ten things today

1. delightfully warm mittens, hand-knit by alsatian nuns, a christmas present from alex
2. a wander outside to inspect the glistening roof icicles
3. our lilac bush begins to bud
4. birthday bunting adorns the lamp
5. making a start on the great "sort/reduce/re-purpose"
6. stir-fry rainbow
7. letting blueberry bagels (my favourite) rest
8. big hand drawing
9. little hands drawing
10. sun-soaking

happiest of thursdays to you...


  1. love this. a cheering post. :)

  2. when I read 'alsation nuns' I had this image of German Shepherd dogs in habits! hahaha

  3. So strange to see so much chilly blue and snow when it's so obnoxiously hot here :) Those mittens look wonderfully warm, and I just adore R's tiny little hands drawing - adorable.


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