29 Jan 2013

sling diaries IV: expression

little one,
your mama is not so experienced with european winters,
she was born and bred in a much warmer place, you see,

and when the sky is again grey,
roads are thick with sleet, air so cold, 
when the day feels too short and the house so cramped,
and we can't go out for a comfortable stroll -
mama finds herself a little blue,

but then there are unexpected moments -
like last weekend when it really began to snow,
and oh how white and fresh and bright everything became!

we rugged up and ventured outside
for refreshment and sweet feelings -
the kind a soft covering of snow can bring!

and oh! those expressions of your nearly one-year-old face:
of seriousness, delight, curiosity,
of pure and uncomplicated joy,
of your smile against my heart -

a warmth in my innermost being
of you, my sunshine.

mama and babe wear simple linen sling in plum by Sakura Bloom


  1. you look radiant, despite the up's and down's of winter. i'm very familiar with all of this.

  2. Oh you beautiful mama-woman...you two are just so delicious. xoxox

  3. how beautiful! The cold gray of winter is bringing me down, too ... how inspiring to see you take your little guy out into the cold and make it special.

  4. You are both gorgeous. Period.

  5. I love these sling diary posts!
    You look so beautiful.
    Yes to unexpected moments of joy!

    (it's been raining here quite a bit....once again the wild weather of floods in one place and bushfires in another part)
    I hope you're feeling higher in spirit these days.

  6. Beautiful pics and words, as usual. :)
    And, I agree with the others, you look radiantly beautiful in spite of your claiming to be down with the harsh winter. :)

  7. I love seeing these beautiful glimpses of such a different kind of winter on your blog. SO beautiful, but I can also imagine why at times it might just feel cold and dreary.
    That red is incredible on the both of you, by the way - makes you both glow. And the jacket on R of course, SO ridiculously cute.

  8. Oh golly, these snaps around your lil cottage garden are enchanting!
    So lovely, you beauteous mamma & son!

  9. what a lovely post! and such a wonderful moment with your little one!

  10. Oh I wish I had pictures like this of my oldest when she & I would go walking with her in a sling snuggled up to me looking with big eyes full of wonder at the frozen wonderland around us. You are so smart to capture these beautiful moments and sentiments so that they can get you through the darker times of winter. This really warmed my heart and brought back fond memories

  11. you're glowing - and I love the colour of the sling and your top against the snow. such a lovely contrast. x

  12. I always pop by when there's a sling post up.
    Lovely, as always, and perfectly dreamy in cranberry and creme.


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