9 Jan 2013

Sling Diaries III: discovery

discoveries made, 
memories stored of sights, sounds and smells -
to be treasured, 
and in years to come 
to be re-told, 
discovered once again... 

Reuben my love, I suspect you will probably not remember first hand the time when we lived in Paris, where you grew in mama's womb, were born, and spent your first year and a bit of life...

But then we will look over the photographs, and I will recount to you tales of our adventures, how you, only six days old were bundled into a sling, and slept against your mama's breast, safe and warm, while travelling on the bustling mid-winter metro...

Then there are those times, like a week ago, when you were eleven months old, bundled warm into a sling and very much awake and excited at your surrounds... We stopped by a photo booth after we got off the outer-suburbs train, we walked down the crisp streets of the Marais, had lunch with one of pappa's oldest and dearest friends, and we visited mama's favourite musée - the l'Orangerie to glimpse monet's waterlilies, matisse's reclining muse, picaso's embracing couple, and renoir's bowl of strawberries, impressioned in oil paint... you probably won't remember seeing them up close, pointing and laughing, and all the smiles and waves you received from nearby tourists (Japanese school girls especially)...

When you are grown up I hope I will never forget the feeling of you so small and lovely and bonny in my arms...

And I will say... when we lived in Paris... the best discovery I ever made, was the day I discovered I was carrying you.

mama & babe are wearing essential linen sling in raven/maple by Sakura Bloom


  1. To be that close to all those paintings seems so strange. Wonderful, but strange.

    1. I guess it is a bit wonderful strange isn't it? There is nothing like the thrill of being able to gaze upon favourite works of art in person... and of course, they don't have be famous! p.s. so glad your comments are coming through again!

  2. My throat tightened at that last bit. How magical. Also, could you and you boy be any more gorgeous? I think not :)

  3. I say what would we ever do without the gift that is the camera?
    Your man really know how to take good photos!

    Precious moments indeed. :)

  4. a beautifully crafted post lovely...oh to know what those little people make of the art hanging on gallery walls! x

  5. I have said so before but...you have one of the MOST beautiful babies. And these images are utterly enchanting.

  6. Beautiful post! Full of emotion! :)

  7. Oh my gosh Emily, the photos in front of those beautiful paintings (especially the waterlilies....swoon). Wow. What a treasure for you both to be able to "remember" this time through your photographs.

  8. such beautiful portraits of mama and son!
    positively wonderful. xo

  9. Ohhh thank you dear hearts, you make my day!


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