27 Jan 2013

australia day

happy australia day mes amis! and what a curious thing it is to the start the morning of a day that is usually (if you are in oz) - warm and summery and marked with a family barbecue or trip to the ocean or walk through the grey gum trees... with the feel of falling snow on my nose! and to think exactly one year ago I was so round in belly with this little munchkin...

still, we had a lovely day... listening to homegrown tunes, making lamingtons, eating vegemite on toast, having our lovely friends and fellow australians Tim and Sophie over for a lunch of beef burgers with (beetroot of course) and baked sweet potato and parsnip chips, reading books about the bush and the beach, and just generally pondering the beauty and vastness and homeliness of that great big land 10, 543 miles away,

we love, and miss you so... 


  1. Happy Australia Day! (Mate)

    It must be hard remembering the warmth when you have snow about. (How very warm indeed it has been.)


  2. Happy Aust Day to you three!

    For the record, on the east coast it was storms, rain, wind, not your picture at all! But still Aust of course!

    Mais alors, beetroot!

  3. Aww, love that you still celebrated! Those australia shaped patties (or toast? I can't quite tell..) are too cute. We spent the day wandering the music festival in the muggy weather, followed by an afternoon watching a new favourite band performing at a local pub! Fun.

  4. That toast is...brilliant.
    love it all!

  5. So cold looking!!! What!! haha

  6. Loved the pics!
    Happy Australia day! :)

  7. It must feel so strange celebrating Australia day in the snow. Love the vegemite toast. And thank you for reminding me of Alison Lester.


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