9 Jan 2013

a surprise package

Reuben's christmas present from daddy arrived today -
in a small brown box:
Oh yes! a big surprise for mama too - a soft-as-can-be Totoro suit! And craftily hand-sewn too!

Apologies for the copious photos but really My Neighbour Totoro it is my favourite Miyazaki film (though I love them all) and to cuddle my very own little grey munchkin is too wonderful and hilarious for words! I had to get snapping...

 I do hope this finds you well and having a lovely Wednesday xx


  1. Ah! Reu as a munchkin! I confess I am not familiar with Miyazaki films, but perhaps that should be remedied. Well done Alex!

  2. How sweet! :)

    Those suits look so soft and lovely!

  3. "TO-tor-o, To-TOR-o!" La la... If only I could put musical notes on the page. A happy tune for a happy bunch of snaps.

  4. Ha! These seriously made me giggle. I LOVE it :)


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