3 Jan 2013

a garden visitor

while I was putting babe down for his nap,
my love was washing the dishes,
and spied from the window
a wee garden visitor race across the path -

a hedgehog!

an erinaceus europaeus to be precise,
he was quick enough to capture our visitor on film,
but by the time I went out to see if I could find him
he had vanished into the ivy bush,
the thought of that spiky creature
brought a smile to my face,

and so now I have named him
monsieur hérisson,
a lover of woolly berets
and camembert cheese,
because its common knowledge
that hedgehogs love clothes
(and I have an inkling, cheese too)

good day!


  1. I love these pics, sooooo "Beatrix Potter"-ish. xx

  2. I can see a children's book coming...embryonic, but definitely there. I have been reading your blog for a long time now - not even sure how I came across it in the first instance, but I love reading it. Write the book- please.

  3. Beautiful pics!
    I have never seen a hedgehog before.. They are not found in this part of the world. So, these pics were a real treat for me. :)

  4. Oh gosh, how fun is that! The only creature (not a pet) I've seen in my garden lately is a giant old blue tongue lizard. A hedgehog somehow seems much more quaint and delightful :)

  5. Mr Tiggywinkle?
    Oh, the elegance of the hedgehog...

  6. Admit it, this is the reason you're in France :)


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