16 Jan 2013

a beautiful mystery

Last night, around 8pm it began to snow,
the first snow of this year
the first of the season,
here -

I put on my sheepskin boots and step into the night,
if only just for a moment to delight in the crunch of my footsteps against the path.

Later, in bed I rest my head against Alex's shoulder
and we watch, by street-light,
the space where the curtain is drawn aside from the window,
snowflakes silently whirling over the hedges,
we gaze on -
mesmerised, hearts beating,
breathing slowing for sleep...

This morning, I wrap my child warmly to my chest
and wander out for a walk,
to buy some staples (rolled oats, milk, eggs)
and to spy the neighbourly landscape
(all that concrete and cars)
laced delicately with white,

There is a silence about the place too,
and a freshness in the air,

It is snowing,
and still so unfamiliar,
beautiful, a mystery to me...


  1. Lovely post! I have never seen snow falling, so the video was beautiful and mystical to me. :)

  2. Oh my! Such a magical mystery for those of us from places where such things never happen...

  3. I've seen more snow-covered than bare ground in my life, I think. I loved seeing it through your eyes.

  4. A delicate and softly-spoken celebration of such a beautiful mystery.
    I love the scene of you and Alex watching the snowflakes fall outside in the night, in awe and breathing slowly.

  5. Magical... I'm wishing wake up and see that.


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