1 Jan 2013

two thousand and twelve

2 0 1 2
a year under my feet (and theirs), a tradition,
last year, and before, and before that

What a year you have been,
at times so full,
and times so spare
tears and joy and
(my goodness more early mornings
and loads of laundry
than the rest of my life combined)
there's beauty to behold in exciting adventures,
a plane ride, train trips,
and the mundane everyday
spotted with beautiful letters,
tea with neighbours,
wide smiles, baby steps,
I think over the months past, what you've taught me,
and what sticks most is this:

I can wait patiently.

I can endure intense pain.

I can trust myself as a mother.

I can love fiercer, brighter, tenderly.

It is possible to survive - and thrive even - on fragmented sleep.

Regular walks are necessary for fresh thoughts, grizzly babes and listless feet.

Catching the light of a new day dawn is a grace and a healer.

Its okay to be vulnerable, Its okay to ask for help.

Loving words from kin, newfound and old, are so important to me.

Many things can be juggled at once, and a good plan  helps you do it.

Time is a gift, which worrying and procrastinating would like to steal away with.

There is beauty anywhere you will look for it.

Farewell and goodnight
best year of my life yet... 


  1. Somehow, I think I could stand to learn some of those lessons too . . .

    Em, to see you bloom this year has been delightful to behold. You brave, strong, wise woman. How I admire you.

  2. Blessings to you and yours, and a very Happy New Year!

  3. Beautiful pictures, as always! :) Especially loved the first picture.. it is so very sweet!

    Wish you and yours a very happy 2013!

    What is this tradition of under your feet and theirs? Would love to know more...

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments as always! The tradition is that for the last four years I've collated the photos I take of my feet from the past twelve months and do a reflection on the year's ending! Its a bit odd, but it feels special to me.

  4. Oh my gosh. Can I say Me Too to everything you just said!? Well I will!
    The 2012 that passed under your feet looks to have been very beautiful indeed! All those textures,patterns and colours!
    May this year be a bliss of beauty, expansion and learning as well.
    I agree, this year was the best.It was filled with so much learning and goodness.
    All, and all and all the best to you friend. :)

  5. Oh, I love! And what an incredible year you've had.. I love seeing it in this way, the glimpses of where your feet have travelled - very clever I think. I completely 100% agree with regular walks and fresh air. Ever since I incorporated it into my daily routine months back I have felt like a new person almost. Hope 2013 is just as beautiful for you all!

  6. Thank you dear hearts for your comments and well wishes, I of course, heartily return them - may 2013 be a wonder and a blessing for us all xx

  7. These are sweet snaps of moments that you'll treasure, thankyou for taking us with you on your year's journey, through its seasons, countries, colours and feelings. love and hugs, to all the owners of those toes xxx

  8. I loved your year in review post!

    Blessings and Peace be with you in the New Year!

  9. So perfectly expressed! It echoes my thoughts on 2012 exactly - the year that one becomes a mama will always be special, I think x

  10. PS. I swooned at little Reu - look how much he's grown! Such a beautiful boy

  11. Loved reading the 2012 lessons learnt...have always adored the term to love fiercely - but being a mama I now understand it with all my heart. Happy new year x

  12. Such wise words from a beautiful mama! Happy happy NEW year to you and yours :)


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