5 Dec 2012

Sling Diaries II: connection

connection is often unsaid
is when we're in a foreign place,
among sights wondrous,
smells exotic, sounds unfamiliar,
and you're held in close,
hands gripping my top,
cooing and humming
and starring wide-eyed,
smiling at onlookers,
then sleepily
gazing at tile
and leather,
before nuzzling in
like hundreds of times before,
breathing in rhythm with mine,
head buried against my chest,
and dreaming..

you against me,
as you once you were inside such a tiny babe,
and now outside, as my growing boy...

(the above diary was captured in the great labyrinthine souk of Marrakech, when we were in Morocco last month. 
mama and babe are wearing Simple silk sling by Sakura Bloom in Spruce)


  1. These are some of the best photos of you ever!
    You along with your son surrounded by the olives and delightful dried fruits and nuts, and all the colourful ceramics!
    I love the one where he is staring at the olives.
    And gosh your smile!

    So much beauty here.

  2. Beautiful post, as always. :)

  3. beautiful photos! lovely words! x Martine

  4. The photos and the words are so beautiful... I love the way you write. But what I love most of all is that piece of art you've drawn! So so beautiful.

  5. Amazing photos and I love your drawing! What a lucky boy to be taken on such adventures :)

  6. This warms my heart better than any hot tea - I love these. xox


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