25 Dec 2012

merry-making: day seven

Oh, happy december twenty-fouth my friends... I do hope you're having a warm and festive eve doing whatever you're doing. for the final day of merry-making I made some more little creatures for our tree - this time little swedish-inspired dala horses. I have loved these horses even since I first laid eyes on them... perhaps it was at ikea? 

You will need some woollen felt, cushion stuffing and thick embroidery thread - click on the outline above to get the actual size which you can trace and cut out for a template - for each horse you will cut two pieces of felt - at this point you can embroider a design onto the body of the horse on one or both sides - then to thread them up sandwich them together and begin blanket stitching up at the neck going all the way round to the second mark so a little gap remains - push in your stuffing through the gap (I find a chopstick very handy for distributing stuffing to the legs - then continue stitching to the start point - tie a knot and with your excess thread create a tied loop for hanging... 


  1. Happy Christmas EVe1 These are so sweet and the wreaath on the door, a special way to calebrate and remeber for years to come! xxx

  2. These look so cute! :)

    I am hopeless with a needle and thread, so I don't think I can make these as beautifully as you do.


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