11 Dec 2012

for the tree

on sunday morning we bought a real tree from the markets. it is the sweetest, funniest, stumpiest christmas tree i've ever seen. short and stout. the leaves smell good though and there are tiny pine cones on the end of the branches. so far she is furnished simply; un-glazed white clay shapes from auntie jill, two metal moose from auntie pauline, hand-blow glass bobbles from Strasbourg, norwegian christmas men from Jess, a few origami paper doves, a red wooden tree, an embroidered linen pin, a quilted heart and now after today's baking - some fragrant gingerbread. in the coming weeks we will slowly add to her branches, and maybe nibble off some gingerbread too... find my beloved recipe here. And I wonder - do you have a tree this year? how is she looking? 


  1. I adore your tree! I always want a Christmas with snow...
    I love the smell of aniseed too.

  2. gorgeous, dear. I love the idea of putting edibles on the tree! Popped corn is my favorite!

  3. Mmmmm I can just imagine the scent of the pine mixed with the spices of the yummy-looking gingerbread.

  4. Such Holiday Goodness!

    The season has yet to settle in for me, even after decorating the tree and listening to Bing...maybe it's because of our unseasonably mild weather. oh well!

    love&joy come to you!

  5. Though we do not celebrate Christmas as such in Hindu families, I love the festival. I love the spirit that Christmas infuses in the air - the lights, the joy and the cakes and the trees. I have never actually seen a Christian family put up a tree in their house. So, it is always a treat to read about the trees being put up in the homes of different bloggers around the world. :)

    This post is beautiful, as always. Was very interesting to me.

  6. :( my comments don't appear to be going through... or do you secretly stop them from being posted? :P

    1. What! I would never stop your comments! They haven't been coming though *shakes first* oh the woes of blogger

  7. That pine needle scent that only a real tree can have. I'm ambivalent about trees for myself but I've set up my Mexican nativity.


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