20 Nov 2012

sbah el-khir!

We returned just shy of midnight last night, and right now as I type papa and son are catching up on (much needed) sleep - lets not talk about late-night plane travel - instead let me tell you how our past seven days away in Morocco have been a little dreamlike; where I am certain I was away for months, or maybe a few short seconds... 

There was wonderful fellowship, city-trapessing, msemen eating, tagine savouring, daily bread, souk wandering, painting, sketching, rising to the sound of calls for prayer, car horns, many kisses and cheek-smooching (for Reu), spying the ocean, digging for broken tiles, button and bead buying, holding my child on an overcrowded train, words in french, english, arabic, mosaics made, bustling.. and so we return and our senses are brimming, hearts full, heads spinning with all the colour, dreams, dialogues and what-ifs and may-bes...

But right now - I am glad for this morning's rest and quiet, thankful for the muted and familiar of home - content to drink tap water and cups of tea, bake bread and sit awhile to pen my thoughts and be still... 

May your Tuesday be a comforting one too


  1. Oh I was so looking forward to your photographs. Beautiful. Were you in inky blue heaven? Glad to hear you had a magical time - and glad to know you are back safe and inspired x

  2. Oh the photo of Reu's hand on the sea wall! I am a bit envious of your travels- but so glad you were able to go and see and fellowship and be filled. Welcome back friend

  3. Absolutely inspiring...

    “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”-Proust


  4. Beautiful pics! Morocco sounds so enchanting!
    Welcome back. Great to see you back. :)

  5. Ah love, love love! waking up to morning prayer and daily bread and fellowship! sigh, sounds like the most perfect short trip away!

  6. Ohhh those photos are SO beautiful and inspiring! Sounds like you had an incredible time - I hope you'll be writing more?

  7. Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing more ,I love the blue theme with touches of scarlet, and the wee pudgy hand!


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