12 Nov 2012


coming: a few new things for the shop: stripy beach bag, simple french tote, whimsical cards and a zip purse.

going: the three of us fly over to Nth Africa this afternoon. Its been almost five years since I first visited; and despite the myriad of silly-motherly-worries of time-difference, plane travel and teething grumpiness I am terribly excited about the prospect of seeing dear friends, and being among souks, tagines, shay and jilabas. We'll be gone for seven days and in our absence I'll be sharing another three interviews in the balancing series.

May your week be blessed with much respite and adventure along the way!


  1. blue, blue, blue. On my christmas list is a bag from your shop!safe travels and have a lovely adventure together, x

  2. I love your tag, beautiful embroidery.

    I wish you the best of luck with your travels and really look forward to you (hopefully) sharing photos of all the exotic places you visit.

    Im x

  3. Have a fantastic adventure lovely, and what beautiful pieces for the shop :)

    I promise you'll have my interview on your return, so busy here right now but I'm slowly putting together my words for you.

    Safe trip xxx

  4. Have a beautiful trip! Your new wares are glorious--I only wish I could afford to snap them all up. I like the buildings, especially.

  5. I love these creations! Especially that bag that's half willow-patterned.
    Wow living in France you're close to everywhere! North Africa! How exciting. May you have the sweetest time with your family!
    -And bring us back many yummy, beauty-filled images!

  6. Safe travels. Oh my, can't wait to read your thoughts about that part of the world - magic....Your new series is such a great idea. I love that I'll meet some new faces x

  7. Beautiful, beautiful pics!
    Hope you are having fun and enjoying your vacation.


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