8 Nov 2012

around these parts

savouring moments like these:
as the lilac ever-so-slowly goldens,
packages are readied and sent,
woollen hats are knitted for the pending cold,
a rather clever little person finds "undiscovered territory"
(ahem, more baby proofing needed it seems)
a horse is painted,
a riverscape is penned,
and buckwheat buttermilk pancakes
make the perfect pick-me-up breakfast
(and tongue-twister if you try)
what is satisfying your mind and body?


  1. such a lovely collection of photographs. I love that there are always wee snippets of blue. x

  2. LOVED these pics. Especially the one of your kid discovering 'undiscovered territory'. :)

  3. Goodnessness. I love the sight of you drawing and those pancakes!
    Our life is growing in goodness! Why we somehow fail to see it and become blind I don't know- How good it'll be to pierce through those hazy clouds on those day when they cover our sense of goodness and beauty, and open our eyes all the way through their heaviness.
    Today is thankfully not one of those days though!

  4. I love that hat you are knitting

  5. Love the painting and the penning. Kellie xx

  6. i had no idea you were a lefty. adore.


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