18 Oct 2012


tracks in dough
stitches for a dainty soul
salty tears down one cheek
warm breath against the neck
snuggled close in bed
ésme on her bicycle
warm smells about the room
colours of lunch when raw
jewelled window panes
sprouting spinach
dripping tap
soft against the skin
mouth pauses
ears listen
heart waits.

some stories are forgotten
and some are carefully stored.


  1. indeed.

    examine and cherish the everyday
    (although, that's easier said then done some days..)

    lovely photos.

    1. its true, but there's always some beauty to behold xx

  2. Love all your photos today. I love your bread too and your lace. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  3. Beautiful post. So true - every little thing has a story to tell, if only you listen closely.
    LOVED the photos!

  4. Oh my goodness Emily. I just stumbled upon your blog from the sling diaries entry over at marvelous kiddo. Your blog is beautiful, I am absolutely smitten. Something about your style reminds me of the blog Aura joon - how you beautifully capture the everyday and the simplicity you seem to savor. I am eager to follow along and excited to have found such a gem.

    P.s. I have a little boy as well, river is his name and he and your Reuben appear to have been born just days apart back in February.

  5. I like the simple poetry that makes up this conglomeration of images. I'm trying to store my life's stories too.


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