26 Oct 2012

pattern love

Oh japanese pattern books you surely do makes the heart swoon, you do.

Ladies dress and blouse patterns are from a french/japanese edition I found recently in a bookstore in town - while the children's patterns are from this lovely sewing book I bought long before I had a child of my own, but was completely smitten with the thought of making little tunics and vests and tops for someone little, somewhere...

I like to draw out my sewing plans and ideas. Do you do that as well? I often don't actually follow my plans, but they help me sift and mull over what I have in the way of fabric and materials, what designs hold my imagination, and who I could make them for.

Happy friday to you,


  1. looking at patterns reminds me of spending time looking through quilting shops and wool shops with my mum as a young girl.. so much possibility! I love your drawings too.


    1. yes! its true, I think the looking and the possibilities are half the fun really...

  2. Ooooo these are delicious. I like the blouses especially.

  3. Lovely designs! I loved the sleeveless frock in the second pic.
    You are so talented!


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