23 Oct 2012

open once again


Yes, its true, after a year and half hiatus, thewindover shop is once again open and stocked with an array of delights: cards, dainty pins, tea purses, and baby bibs. More to come (in the way of tote bags and cushions) soon.  In celebration of my reopening I am offering free shipping on all items anywhere in the world for a week between October 22 - 29th.
I am also giving away this tea-cup pin to one of you lovely readers. To win simply leave a comment here telling me what your favourite drinking receptacle is and why.

And with that its bonsoir et au revoir from me
I do hope you're having a happy monday so far...


And the winner of the dainty tea cup pin is:

Please email me: emilyclaresims[at]gmail[dot]com with your postal address!


  1. hooray! this makes me happy. my favorite thing to drink from is a tall ceramic mug shaped as a woman. i bought it at a local pottery sale 10 years ago. it is always the first mug i grab, but when there is someone pregnant visiting, i always give the woman mug to her. :) thanks for the chance!

  2. Congrats! It all looks fantastic. I'll be putting in an order for the baby bibs :)
    And my favourite drinking receptacle is an old mug I got for a dollar from Zabar's deli in New York - it reminds me of the city and happy travel memories every time I drink from it.

  3. Congratulations. How exciting. I love your tea wallets. And your teacup pins. And those blue bibs are beautiful (especially modelled by Reuben), how lovely that you have your very own illustrations printed on fabric.

    Teacups, definitely. Preferably with tea from a pot.

    Best wishes, Im x

  4. congratulations! what lovely little things!

  5. Amazing Emily! To think that we thought you were busy enough nurturing your baby! I am awed by your energy! And perhaps a tiny bit jealous of your obvious organisational skills! Any to spare? La, my favourite drinking receptacle would be a chiya glass. Reminds me of home. Wherever that it. Hugs to you, Wendy M (currently wandering)

  6. Oh Happy Day!!! 'bout time too ;)

    Love-love the new work, so fantastic!

  7. OH!!!! SOOOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! am going to go and check it out. :)

    My favourite drinking vessel... hmmm... I know it's a bit sad, but it would have to be my royal wedding cup. It is a wonderful shape and Catherine just looks gorgeous!

  8. Oh it is exciting Em! It's all looking lovely, and Reu makes a great model =)

    My favourite drinking receptical is my flower mug, bought at the Ressourcerie in our early days in this strange land... I held it in my hand for a good hour after my first tea from it, just because it was warm and a nice shape. It's sitting in my lap, half full of black coffee, as I write =)

    xo Sophie

  9. Hey there! You are so talented!! All those items look so wonderful, and I LOVE your blue sketches!!

    Congratulations on the re-opening of your store. :)

    I would love to participate in the giveaway, too. Is it open to readers in India? If so, my favourite drinking receptacle (for tea) would be a steel tumbler (glass) and a small bowl-like vessel that we call 'davara' in Tamil. A teacup and saucer is great too, but the steel vessels feel like home. :)

  10. Oh my goodness Emily, so much beauty! Where on earth did you find the time to make so many glorious things? I take my hat off to you! My favourite cup is a darkish green glazed mug. I don't know why but it makes me happy.

  11. Thank you!! And yep, they are in a theatre! ;)

    I discovered painting on porcelain and I fell in love :)

    Congratulation for reopening, maybe I'll buy something from your shop! :D

  12. Very exciting about your shop!!!! I love to drink from real tea cups (you know, dainty china with a little plate) for tea, and a chunky mug for coffee :)

    Congratulations on getting all those beautiful products made AND loving on a baby at the same time.


  13. Somehow I missed this--is the giveaway still open?

    If so, I'll just say that my favorite drinking vessels are:

    1L Nalgene water bottle for water at school (essential)
    Bodum double-walled glass for water-at-home and green tea
    49th Parallel cappuccino cup for coffee
    double-walled espresso glass for sherry
    blue pottery mug for black tea with milk and sugar


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