1 Nov 2012

hello on wednesday

fresh in the shop.... yes, more blue and white and quilty pharaphenalia. I'm especially excited about the new shaped bags and those sourdough english muffins (which are not for sale, but are oh so fluffy and delicious). Hoping your wednesday is a happy one, or as good as it can be. Ours has been crisp-eyed and sunny, full of giggles, teething grizzles, chomping, not much working, lots of board book reading, and muffin eating, of course.


  1. love that 2nd picture down fabric - it looks like your drawings! popping over to your shop now :-) x

  2. I love the fabric bags. How clever. Which recipe did you use for the sourdough muffings? I have just received some starter from a friend, and keen to make some bread. They look yummy.

  3. How terribly wonderful!

    PS: I am having another bag from you - my favourite was the white with delicate blue-boy-in-boaty pattern.

    Bless you this day.

  4. Your Wednesday sounds so delightful! :)
    Loved the blue-and-white stuff. :)


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