9 Oct 2012


these consecutive grey and rainy october days are remedied with colour,

like breakfast couscous,
cheese fondue with thrifted pot and prongs,
thrifted biscuit tins filled with tea, crackers and stationary,
little head of hair 'gainst the wooden floors,
warm hearts and hands,
water-laced greenery,
impressions in ink,
the beginnings of a new novella, in blue of course...

and I wonder what brings colour to your days?


  1. Your baby is so BEAUTIFUL :)

  2. Emily, thanks for sharing all this beauty,so constantly. We set up a wall on Eastern avenue (an Apartheid wall as in Palestine) and used coloured pastels to write and draw on it. So that was a colourful moment in my day today :)

    1. Ailin, thank you for your kind comments (always). I love the sound of the wall set up on Est. Ave - I wish I could have been there to take part... so important.

  3. Your life in pictures is such a gift to my eyes and heart. Thank you.


  4. I have to say, I adore the little slices of life I get to see on this blog. I'm going to be married within the next few years, running my own house and someday caring for babies, and I hope I do it all with half the beauty and relish for simplicity that you do.


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