18 Sep 2012

today thirty

today you turned thirty,

and as with every day -
I find myself loving you
a little more, stronger,
a little better,

aside from celebratory kisses
(and slobbers from the seven-month old)
we hung up your birthday bunting -
fresh from the needle and thread,
we filled the home with
we brewed strong coffee
and fetched local pastries
(still warm in their paper),
and later there was belgium beer
and meatballs in caramelised onions,
a moist guinness chocolate cake
frosted with cream cheese and pecans,

this year our gifts seem much more
best had fresh and savoured -

there was a wee card with reuben's handprints,
and another one from me
filled with my words
of gratitude,
of the man you have been, are -
your history, and dreams,

a pledge also,
from my soul-places
to be alongside you in this next decade
(which I am quietly confident)
will be your best yet -

whatever adventure,
uprooting, unfurling,
creating, story of life lived
fully and truly.


  1. Beautiful birthday celebration in honour of your love. xx

  2. Xavier got a Guinness cake for his birthday too, a wonderfully strong manly cake for a 30th birthday. Beautiful poetry as well!

  3. You and Mme. both with the beautiful kennings!

    The sentiment, the details, the words themselves--I feel like I can see your day.

  4. Happy Birthday Alex!

    And well done Em on the decorations! Though the flowers are nice and feminine!

  5. Good to see no gerberas.
    Wishing you a Happy 30th, and hanging out to see further celebrations.


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