23 Sep 2012

thrifty goodness

Last Saturday we had the great pleasure of visiting a brocante marche (secondhand market) with our friends - which is basically a giant, open,  garage sale! This is my first experience thrifting in France because we just don't have any seccond-hand/charity shops in our area - which I feel is a real shame because I heartily enjoy finding pre-loved goods - and the spirit of recycling, refashioning and affordability that comes with them! We came away from this brocante with some dear little clothes for Reu, a quirky top for me depicting English royal guards, a few yards of fabric, a beautiful blue and white plate for the wall, and jug for milk, plus a handmade red leather wallet and wooden measuring tape for Alex! All for a few euros.

I wonder, have you found any thrifty goodness lately? 


  1. You came away with some very good buys :-) I love the blue and white mug and plate.

  2. the thrill of the thrift

  3. What great finds! I haven't been thrifting in a few weeks, but I want to go soon. My last find was a pretty tea cup and saucer. :)

  4. Trust you to start your white & blue ceramic collection again!


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