9 Sep 2012

the rues of séte

I do believe the beautiful walls and doors that line the rues of Séte deserve a blog all to their very own.... The three of us spent the best part of a morning exploring the up-and-down streets, stairwells and parks. I am so partial to brightly painted doors and intriguing street art, are you?


  1. I love seeing art on walls and doorways. The painting in the bottom photo is beautifully coloured. Happy weekend!

  2. . . . I love street art and colourful doors! You certainly stumbled across some lovely examples. I especially liked the man and his pipe within the little frame. You carry on a grand blog, Windhover.


  3. Brightly coloured doors are the best. Love the harlequin door.

  4. The African portrait is brilliant too and I like the cheeky fram surrounding th eone on the wall.


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