3 Sep 2012

seven months

my not-so-little little'un,
now you're seven whole months old -
in some ways the past 4 weeks have been the hardest,
or just the most exhausting for us -
now you are absolutely on the go,
full of beans -
things are pulled down,
heads are banged, shoes are chewed,
bananas are squished....

nights are become so restless at the moment, we think it may be
your mystery teeth coming through,
and digesting new food,
the hot weather -
or maybe just the mere growing thing,

Because you surely are growing into a mighty strong boy,
you smile endlessly,
you love to eat toast, avocado and strips of sweet potato,
you insist on feeding yourself with the spoon,
you have developed a perchance for shoes and computer cables,
you can crawl and sit with ease
you can pull yourself up to standing against furniture
you can "leap" or lunge" over mama or daddy's legs,
you like to sleep to the sound of running water
(do we found a 3-hour recording to play)
you still love mama's milk, also with rice and quinoa cereal mixed in!
you love cuddles with daddy and when he throws you in the air,
you love reading books (and trying to pick the pictures off the page)
you started to say dadada, nanana, mamama, bababa (in that order)
your favourite toys are: mama's sewing tin, the little biscuit tin, wooden rattle and plastic spoons.

You are a wonderful, clever, enthusiastic, audo-didac
and we love you to the moon and back
(oh yes even if we were up at 4am trying to walk you to sleep in the garden)



  1. I remember the 6-7 months being challenging with Oscar ... new food, new mobility, new teeth.

    Gorgeous photos.

  2. He is sweet and growing so well :-)

  3. Thankyou for the sweet record of a darling bub and the loving details you include. Well I remember the wakeful nights and conflicting advice from all sides but the memories of motherhood as priceless. PS I glad you like his Daddy!

  4. Happy 7 months, little Rue. Your Seattle family loves you. Em-methinks it's time for a video posting! I need to see that boy in action.

  5. Goodness, seven months already! He sounds much more advanced than most seven month olds. I can't believe he's already pulling himself up on the furniture! Goodness he'll be walking at nine months at this rate! So super cute!

  6. Oh wow! My little guy just hit 7 months, too. He's not quite as mobile as Reuben, but I can absolutely relate to the restless nights, in particular.

  7. He is such a peach that Rue!!!: ah, the moving baby...changes everything - we are just about to be mobile and I am strapping my mental running shoes on ;) xoxox A


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