10 Sep 2012

Oh la mer...

And one day we went right down to her shore. We lay out towels and soaked in sunshine. Alex was brave enough to swim in the chilly waters, while Reu and I splashed our toes in the waves and hunted for special looking rocks, shells and sea-worn glass... I think part of growing up in a coastal city is that my soul is settled by the sound, smell and feel of ocean. 


  1. Those are really beautiful pictures!

  2. Vibrant, Light, and Airy...absolutely glorious! XO

  3. I love these photos and the colours. I'll never forget our first view of the ocean and the chance to wade in it after not seeing it for 9 years. We were about to leave India for Australia and were taken to a Madras beach and sqealed wiht delight!


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