8 Sep 2012

le sud

We're back home after a week down in the south of France for work and respite. Last saturday we took the train to the city of Séte... we found it to be such a lovely and quaint little port-side city. It was so heartily-good to see the ocean again, and swish my toes about in the salty water. Reuben was mesmerised by the rolling waves. We hungrily ate up the lasts of summer, fresh mussels, tuna, salmon and violet-ice cream too. Now I find myself missing the early morning walks with my baby as the sun rises across the mediterranean sea, the sound of albatrosses circling the trawlers, and the sight of sun-kissed skin and wide-brimmed hats... more photos to come tomorrow. Happy Friday to you!


  1. what a lovely get-a-way!

    it's always so difficult to leave the lull and light of the sea...le sigh.

    much love!

  2. It's always lovely to be refreshed by the water. I had to go and spend some time this week doing just that ;-) Happy weekend to you.

  3. Beautiful trip!, and beautiful ocean too :)
    Thanks for post these.

  4. the sky looks incredibly blue


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