14 Sep 2012

in the air, a coolness

do you feel it too?
a change in the air,
each day shorter,
mornings crisper,
garden sparer -

on walks we pick blackberries,
in the garden we harvest pears
for chutney and tart,
market plums for jam,
we stew rabbit and roast vegetable roots,
sit berries in tall glasses,

my baby
cuddles in close,
he cuts his lip
on his first little tooth
emerging, slowly, and painfully
along his bottom gum

shhh, and ohhh
and let's look at the garden,
let's catch some sunshine,
there now,
brave boy -

we stir and sigh,
and contemplate the months ahead,
we will try to abate the melancholy,
we must make the most of her (winter)
when she comes -

and so we huddle,
sup on warm food,
boil the kettle an extra time -
we hedge in close
as the cool comes in.


  1. You voice so well the feelings I had in Congo and noone to share them with and feeling guilty for having those feelings!. They are very natural and part of the heartache of motherhood away from home. Bless you you are doing a wonderful job and I love your idea of daily sketches. It inspires me to try painting daily!
    With love and kisses for the two men in your sweet home and save some for yourself.

  2. What nourishment.....Those plums look like yummy jewels!

  3. Makes me want to snuggle up with a good book and cup of cider :) Lovely photos!

  4. my favorite post of late! Stewing rabbit, Ive come across a recipe for stewed rabbit and dumplings that looks delicious, but nervous to actually cook it!

    1. Oh Kirstin you must try rabbit; its so delicious and tender when cooked properly and really a great value meat; not to mention it being good on the environment (to eat them)! I might post my recipe here soon xx

  5. Definitely feel the chill in the air when I go out. I hear that it is supposed to be very warm this week though so I look forward to the last burst of summer. Keep warm. xx

  6. Pray tell:
    what is this
    enchanting 'mirabelle'?


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