20 Sep 2012

birthday festivities continued

 Yesterday we continued celebrating Alex's 30th birthday with two couples who are relatively new friends of ours but both downright wonderful company and kindred spirits. Its also curious that we are all Australian, yet living in France.

We had a little party here complete with freshly picked tunes, homemade tortillas with chicken and beans and all the necessary sides, beverages in glasses and jars (not because we wanted to be trendy but because we've broken so many proper drinking receptacles), there was the shaping of a real moustache (alex's) and the wearing by all of many hilarious others on sticks. Alex crafted a rather impressive horse piñata and we had ball bashing the life out of the poor beast outside, although Reuben was very sensitive to it all - any hit to the horse made him cry!

Oh yes and of course there was birthday cake number two - spongey chocolate cake with mascapone, cherries and ganache, a black-forest-of-sorts. Yesterday's festivities coincided with international "talk like a pirate day" and so a few arrrrghhhs and me-hearties made it in there, along with some piratical ships about the place. All in all, a terrible lot of fun... and just so nice to be among good company and celebrate again the milestone age of my lover. Mmmhm.


  1. What fun!

    Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!

  2. Terribly good fun indeed! With a terribly good hostess Miss Emily! We had a blast, thank you :) Lovely hanging out with you kindred spirits x

  3. This looks like the fun-est birthday out! What great happy photos! Yummmmmmminess all around too!

  4. What a fun celebration! The mustaches and pirate talk made me giggle. Happy Birthday Alex!


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