19 Sep 2012

the finishing project

my dear web-kin Candace has arisen to the challenge of writing a poem each day for a week, she invited anyone willing to join her. wordsmith Lizzie and sweet-singing Allison have, and I too - although only four days in I can say this is far more difficult than the sketch a day, and yet, exactly what I need to stretch my poetical self.


toothache grizzle
gets us out the door
and we're moving fast
steam on our breaths,
brisk steps -

trucks unloading,
faraway the drum of
train tracks,
you inside the coat
sleepily stammering -

a bend, a skip,
a stumble even
eyes widening
nose sniffling -

at last, yes
the morning prize
bread just risen
and steaming.


  1. This is really good! I love it. Capturing the simple act of buying bread. Yum and well done.

  2. love to see how people do the writing, with pen and paper or on their computers.

    also, i only committed to one week! a month might be too ambitious. and yes, it's harder than i thought it would be.


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