1 Sep 2012

ode to summer

 oh summer,
or shall I call you bon été?

you have come and gone
so quickly,
I think perhaps -
your speediest yet.

you have been so many things,
laced with faraway scenes,
cobbled streets, smells,

you have been loneliness,
you have been neighbourly love,
you have been the warm embraces of kin,
and sorrowful farewells,

with you I have felt wheat wavering,
fabric threading,

I have seen my baby boy sitting,
then eating, now crawling,
and standing -

You have been cool and rainy,
and insufferably hot,

You have been the company of friends,
the talk of the future,
and growing of beans and peas.

you and I have a strange relationship,
its true,
I know, you know, you aren't my very dearest season -
but you're a good one,
you teach me all kinds of things
about staying cool,
walking barefoot,
nurturing life,
following dusk,
waking before dawn,

more than anything I will miss
the light you bring -
such sweet, bright,
summer shine.


  1. I enjoyed reading this, Emily.

  2. hummmmm, sigh, yes to learning from the seasons. A speedy beautiful season it seems to have been, and such a gracious farewell to it too!
    I am not looking forward to the heat coming our way :/ But I may learn wise things as well....we shall see.

  3. I love your odes to the seasons... lots of little things to appreciate in each one!

  4. Lovely.
    Oh, sweet summer, how quickly you passed...
    Here's to a crisp Autumn!


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