14 Aug 2012

five years

and now
I think there is something quite lovely about the fact that my very first blog post - five years ago to the day - was accompanied by a picture of me sitting in field of clover in the french countryside. This evening we walked out to one of neighbouring fields of our suburb and sat awhile.

a french field dotted with wild grasses and queen anne's lace.

In the last five years, I have documented on here a journey of sorts as a self-taught artist, baker, storyteller. I've shared tales of travels, studying, picnics and train trips, memories of the past, poetry, finding faith, odes to the seasons, heartbreak, falling in love, marrying, moving aboard, carrying and birthing my little boy...

More than that I have learnt to slow down and live presently. To enjoy the everyday and find beauty where it reveals itself, often in such understated,
quiet ways:
the sky's palette and sounds of wind,
paint spilled on concrete,
rusting iron,
afternoon shadows.

Sometimes I do feel at odds with myself here. I struggle with what to say, or show you... I wonder if I've become too repediative, monotonous, distant. I need to take breaks every now again - to catch my breath, to enjoy without needing to "capture" or "relay" but I always find myself drawn back here;  to my journal of living presently, of finding joy.

I have come to know so many truly blooming brilliant people in and about this space. students, mothers, adventurers, silversmiths, artists and writers alike. I catch myself surprised and inspired on a regular basis by you who blog too and share your lives, art, ideas, moods with me and the world. You are so dear, kindred, soul-soothing.

And to those who stop by here and leave comments and encouragements, they mean so much to me, and so often come at exactly the right moment, with the best words.

I know there are many of you who silently stop by, but to mark this anniversary I would love, my dear readers, you to leave a comment letting me know;

where in the world you're reading this,
what your comforting drink of choice is,
your favourite colour -
and what you like to read best on here...

over and out,
emily clare
your devoted sketchy, oft-rambling friend


  1. hi dear emily,

    to be honest, i never knew if you appreciated any comments from me as you and i do not know one another and you've never paid my blog a visit to comment back. at times i've begun to feel unwelcome when i comment on someone's blog and they do not return a visit after many years. i realize there are many reasons for not visiting. i am just letting you know how i've begun to feel (and not just from you only by the way) but as you invited, i will comment ;-)

    i am reading from vancouver, canada.
    my comforting drink of choice is kenyan tea with fresh mint leaves; sometimes with milk and sometimes plain.
    my favourite colour is blue, and that is how i came to be your follower as you like to sketch and work in blue ;-)
    i do like to read almost everything you post as it is heartfelt. you also amaze me and uplift me with your creativity, and inspire me that i might do something too.

    i wish you and your little family oodles of love and grace.

  2. Beautiful post. Queen Anne's Lace is divine. The concept of a lovely field like that is so foreign in Sydney ... exotic!

    I've just finished a cup of Milo, but normally I enjoy tea.

    My favourite colour will always be green. Calming.

    I've just discovered your blog. I loved seeing your room. I love seeing your creativeness. And of course your travels and life in a faraway land.

  3. I am still here reading (from the USA), though, mostly silent. I can not believe that it has been nearly 5 years since your first hello to me over the internet. I enjoy watching your life unfold, reading about your travels, and of course, Reu. You are a beautiful artist and your life is inspiring, no matter the subject. My favorite color? Green. My comforting drink of choice? It depends on the season. Right now it's lemonade, but I am very much looking forward to having a warm cup of mulled apple cider in my hands this fall.

  4. "where in the world you're reading this"
    Sydney Australia

    "what your comforting drink of choice is"
    Cool water on a hot day.

    "your favourite colour"
    Yellow is joyful, green is nature, white is restful, uncluttered and pure, black is always good. I'll go with a different one of them on a different day.

    "what you like to read best on here"
    What you are thinking and doing.

    : )

  5. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    black tea with milk and sugar
    traditionally purple, but lately petrol blue
    sketches, food, craftiness, thoughtfulness--I've been reading your blog for as long as I can remember, and I am perfectly truthful and accurate in saying that it is one of my greatest sources of delight and soul-food...

  6. Congratulations Emily! Five years - so wonderful!
    I love following your life on your blog - I am always encouraged by your beautiful life and love for God and others. Your beautiful, creative, courageous, gentle spirit is so evident! Much love to you and your family, :) Martine

  7. Thank you for your visit today. I appreciate it. I do love all aspects of your blog so please keep it up. Your creativity and love of life and God is inspiring. Hugs. xx

  8. Happy birthday dear blog!

    Have I ever told you how much I love that first photo of you? It is one of my favourites of you.

    The new one is just as lovely - but it is amazing to see the subtle differences and see how much our life experiences change us.

    So beautiful dear friend - then and now.


  9. Wow, 5 years! What a milestone.

    I'm reading this from just south of Sydney.
    My comforting drink is a tim-tam slam. Nothing beats it when you're feeling down.
    Blue is my favourite colour, I love your artwork for that very reason.
    I like to read your poetry that is often within your blog posts, and I like to read about your experiences in France. Your whimsical decorations here and there around your house delight me. And of course reading about dear little Reuben and your adventures with him are lovely.

    x Mim

  10. I love that both of those photos are five years apart and both taken in a field of flowers, and what Alice said!

    I have felt very grateful to feel a sense of deep friendship between us even though we have never even spoken facetoface.
    I love all aspects of your journal....but most love it when you talk about spiritual things and capture the simple yet special moments of daily life.

    My comforting drink is a cup of fair trade coffee-bit on the strong side, and homemade chai!

    Love and love and love to you!

  11. Congratulations! 5 years is a wonderful milestone! I've always planned to make a book of my blog when I reach five years... just to be able to flip through the pages and look back on it all... maybe you should too!

    I'm reading from the Tennessee mountains in the US.
    I usually drink Earl Grey with a good drop of honey.
    My favorite color is traditionally green, though lately I've been loving a stormy grey-blue.
    And I love reading it all. Your adventures in France, your journey through motherhood, your sketches, and poetry. You have a beautiful voice and I'm glad to be able to hear it across the ocean :)

    Here's to five more!

  12. We are all the better for your 5 years spent updating this lovely lovely page.

    I read from Washington, DC, USA (but have read from Seattle, Chicago, and Santiago in the past xo)
    My comfort drink of choice is a foamy handmade latte, or a glass of merlot.
    My favorite color is brown but I have been appreciating blue these days.
    Your reflections on faith and seasons are my favorites, and I return to them time and time again. (Also, funny--I love any posts with hair updates! Your hair is so pretty at any length and in any style, and inspires me!)

    Much love to you!


  13. Happy Happy Anniversary, dear old soul.

    I read from Seattle. You knew this. Recently, I've been devouring campari greyhounds. I have no favorite color, though of course I gravitate toward simple black and white. I love all of your posts, as they each capture such a simplicity...it's like reading a magazine that infuses you with peace and deep breaths. However, I do think my favorite are the photo blogs, usually accompanied by a poem. Anything that reveals the deep introspection of the woman I cherish.

    To friendship.

  14. Emsy,
    I hail from Basin View, off Jervis Bay in NSW (as well you know).
    My comfort drinks vary depending on the extremity of comfort required - peppermint tea for mild comfort, a red wine for medium comfort and straight to gin if I have taught year 8 in 6th period (which I have today, so gin it is!).
    My favourite colour isssssss. Hmm. Sage green. Mm.
    I love seeing anything with your beautiful face, better still with Sandy and your lovely spawn. It makes me feel closer to you all and as if the oceans separating us are insignificant. I also love food posts - takes me back to long chats in the kitchen while we both chopped or fried or washed dishes.
    Miss you, proud of you, and many many mazels for your 5 year-versary. x flea.x

  15. Happy five years! How fitting that that was the first photo you posted, amazing.

    I am reading from Bristol, UK.
    I love the comfort of the ritual of going out for coffee (but recently switched to decaf).
    My favourite colour is strong, either green or purple or teal.
    I love to read when it seems you are really opening up and sharing.

  16. This is the most wonderful blog I have visited, I really enjoy its pictures and its thoughts.

    I am in Argentina, far from France or Australia, but loving that places right now.
    I like drinking green tea or chamomile tea with anise without sugar.
    My favourite colour is cobalt blue too.
    I enjoy reading here about France, Australia, art and domestic things.

    Congratulations dear biro sketches. Happy to find you.

  17. Hello beautiful mama - I'm reading this in the middle of the bald Canadian prairie (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan). My comforting drink of choice is herbal or rooibos tea (on a cold day or during a work day) - at the moment I'm enjoying organic turmeric snap rooibos from David's Tea. On a hot day, I love good juice nicely watered down with sparkling water OR just sparkling water with a bit of citrus squeezed in. I'm a sucker for a bubbly drink. My favourite colour - I have too many to mention, but I really enjoy turquoise and salmon pink. As for what I enjoy reading best in this space of yours - I've always loved the food posts, as they are something I can identify so closely with, food being a large focus and comfort in my life. Lately though, I've LOVED reading your mothering-related posts - Reuben is such a beautiful little boy, and your philosophy on parenting so echos my own that I feel such a wonderful connection to you all the way across the world. Happy 5 years beautiful. All the best!

  18. Hello

    This is Rachel from Western Australia. It really is a lovely space you have here. I can relate to many of the thoughts you have shared about blogging, although I haven't been at it for as many years as you. Blogging has become such an important and positive part of my life, i wouldn't be without it.


  19. Good Morning my dear friend!
    I feel I've been on an extended breath-catching of late - spare on the internet is only one side effect. But I read such a beautiful thing the other day, this idea that as women we are born of the moon and her tides, and therefore we sway and shift in our own seasons but are ALWAYS in the place we are meant to be.
    As you know, I read from California, but for a short two weeks more before moving back to Seattle (next time, next time you visit).
    I'm drinking coffee with rice milk right now, but lately a vibrant green juice has been my drink of choice.
    I'm a chromophilliac, but in this season, the color is turquoise.
    And I love, maybe best, your poetry. With all my heart.

  20. This is a tardy response, but here goes...
    I am reading and enjoying your blog from Broken Arrow, OK U.S.A.
    My favorite drink is a home brewed cup of coffee with a splash of hazelnut and a dash of sugar for good measure....
    My favorite color is blue...like that of the color of a carribean sea...
    I devour much of everything you write. I so enjoy pictures of your feet (that sounds strange?), your poems, your recipes, and your overall optimistic view on life. I think we all come here to be reminded to live an authentic life. Well done, Ms. Emily. Well done.


  21. Hey Love, Here I am.

    I'm reading your blog from VLB. In Paris. In your house.

    Yep! True story.

    I liked the way you told me what my favorite drink is. A rough cup of coffee to jump-start my tired bag of bones first thing at 11am in the morning. Cold, brown beer on a hot day, and dry, red wine on a late night up with creatives.

    At the moment I'm taken by the way vivid orange looks against spray paint grey faded to mauvey-purple, but usually it's the colour of burnished umber brown or the steal blue of the ocean at dusk.

    I love reading about how awesome I am on your blog. But also I like seeing the world through your eyes through your nikon-baby. I love seeing you notice beauty everywhere.

    bags of love, wild flower... And may you have another 5 years of inspiring people around the world.

    1. You are a lovely, lovely man. How lucky you two are to have one another!

    2. Dear Emily, my name is Susan, I am a friend of you lovely Mum- in-Law Ev, I check in often to read your beautiful descriptive blogs and your gorgeous photos. Just wonderful. I think every mother in law should have a daughter in law like you! Truly.
      Oh I almost forgot to say , I live in Sydney.

  22. Hi Emily. I'm not sure how I stumbled across your blog but I remember you from St Andrews - Jane Carter (English teacher). I've loved stopping by this little space. I looked at the photos of your wedding, with delight. And with amazement followed your journey with lovely Reuben. Most of all, it warms my heart to see you deeply rooted in faith.
    Expecting my own little one in a matter of days, so it's great to take a moment and absorb your garden or be inspired by a cooking adventure/experiment.

  23. Oh, (Jane again) and my favourite comforting drink is warm milk with a little honey and my favourite colour is blue.

  24. Dear Emily,

    I read from the Blue Mountains, my favourite colour is blue, my favourite warm drink is punjabi chai sweetened with rice malt syrup... yummo!

    I love reading your blog. I especially loved your Dearest LIttle'un posts as my first born was due on 5th Feb... It was lovely being pregnant at the same time as you and reading your updates! Our Charlotte arrived a little early on the 20th January... seven months yesterday, where has the time gone?

    I've been an anonymous reader mostly because I can't seem to get past the captcha coding, hopefully today I'll get through!

  25. Hello Emily, (another belated response but I am heartened that there's a few of us!) at the moment I read from Broken Hill but for a number of years from my beloved Nepal. In Nepal, I love Nepali chiya and in Oz I love orange juice squeezed from blood oranges. Turquoise and coral seem to be the colours today. Or maybe ultramarine. Ivory? La, colour. Love 'em all. And I love reading your experience of living mindfully. Hugs and love, Wendy M.

  26. What bliss, a poeme de l'extase!
    Passer-by, a student from London, currently working in a mundanely dull office job in Salamanca, Spain.

  27. I've been trying to comment but it won't let me! Hmmm.

    Anyway HI Emily Clare. I didn't know that was your middle name. Or maybe I did and I forgot?

    I am such a sporadic blogger and commenter these days, sigh. I've really enjoyed following yours for a few years now, I think you must be one of the warmest and most genuine ladies out there! And it's such a joy seeing updates of your little boy now too.

    P.S. Sydney // tea // yellow // your mothering journey stories

  28. Kelsey, aspiring artist in Little Rock, Arkansas.
    This sort of powdered Chai tea very, very hot. Or just water. I so wish I liked normal tea, but have yet to find a kind I like.
    Warm ones right now. Pinks and reds.
    All of it, honestly. I'm not even much of a cook and I like those posts - this blog makes me want to savor life. Bravo.

  29. Emily . . . I remember the first time I found your blog, I was gob smacked by your beauty as was my Mum when I showed her. She still sometimes asks after you - "What is that beautiful girl from Sydney doing now?" Of course now I know your beauty runs all the way through your poetic bones, maybe even deeper. You are always a luminous creature to me. I love everything you write. I love your photos too, and your beautiful art. I adore your stories about Mavis as well. I love your gentle spirit and the way you see the world. Thank you so much for sharing that with us.
    As you know I am reading from the South Island of New Zealand, about 40 minutes out of Christchurch, in the countryside. My favourite colour is a very particular shade of very dark red. My favourite drink is tea or in summer a particular chocolate milkshake I used to get from a cafe in Sydney. Congratulations on five years, and here's to five more!


Thank you for reading! I do so love and appreciate every one of your comments even if I don't get a chance to reply.