20 Aug 2012


I have been in desperate need
for a while now to consciously,
intentionally make space
in my life
in my thoughts,
in my preoccupations,
in my heart
a de-clutter -
a spring clean if you will,
or summer clean to be precise -
a clearing out,
a letting go,
a taking hold,
breathing the stale air out,
letting the fresh air in -

I have discovered
there is no one way to do this -
in a myriad of moments
sketching, sky-gazing, silent,
baking, reading, conversing,
planting, seeking, praying,

I face those worries,
reservations, fillers, impatience,
and begin to move
with hope,
redeeming the time,
that I can be exactly who I am,
and need to -
that all progress is gradual, lifelong,
each day a lesson in grace,

and I am made for joy.


  1. De-cluttering is always good.
    Blessings. xx

  2. I love that you caught that sprouting plant just as it is about to stand fully up.
    We are growing daily friend, isn't that so so good!?

    That last section is so very relatable.
    We are indeed made for joy and how Good those days feel when we emerge out of the darkness!

    Keep us updatded on this decluttering process!

  3. Organizing your time and space can help the feeling of being overwhelmed,so many projects so little time! I find that if I go with my flow,and start somewhere it usually leads me down a successful path!You may have to Multi-task
    sometimes but in the end it's worth it. Remember, no one is
    perfect everyday.

  4. Beautifully put. I need to print this out and put it on the wall beside my bed. It is uplifting, in its reminder to slow down and experience fully.

  5. "a letting go,
    a taking hold"

    "and begin to move
    with hope,
    redeeming the time"

    You have said it so perfectly, and just when I needed to hear it. Thank you, my friend.

  6. "and I am made for joy."

    So true, and something often forgotten. Thank you for the reminder!

  7. "I am made for joy."

    Spot on, sister, spot on.

    I've been by here so many times in the past couple of months, loving the tranquility you always manage to capture.

    Also, I did a HUGE, literal de-cluttering in the Idaho house, before we moved for the summer. I couldn't believe how much more easily I drifted through spaces, or the way the light flowed and refracted, effortlessly, once so many things were gone. They can become such a burden, all the things, visible and invisible.


  8. I love you, and I love your nest drawing. Exquisite. I just want to say thank you so much Emily for the sweet comments you left on my blog. I came home from the hospital today where I have been with my mum, who had an operation to treat an aneurysm, and was so touched to read your lovely messages to me. Mum is fine, thank God, but I am so worn out and just to have these little words of love waiting for me meant so much. I am blessed to know you x x


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