29 Aug 2012

A day in the life of - filmed

Alex just finished this sweet little film of us doing weekend-y things. They are a series of time-lapses captured last year before Reuben was here. I think my very favourite part is of our feet, but that isn't such a surprise is it...

Happy wednesday to you  ♥


  1. What a wonderful film! Tell him he must make more! I especially love the kitchen scenes :)

  2. kudos, alex!

    ditto, I love how the feet-lapse exposes a bit of your personalities...I'm an 'active' footed person as well ;) hehe. golly, I need to start capturing more on film (rather than just snapping away piles of lost photos)

    by the bye, you two are wonderful.

    much love!

  3. Amazing! Such a cool keepsake x

  4. Such a lovely film. The sushi making was my favourite.

  5. Super awesome ninja chopstick skills!

    I liked the sushi making too!

    So wonderful to see you in a less static mode!

  6. That was sooo cool! I love the sushi part, and also such a good music choice!

    By the way, has my letter arrived YET!? I sent it about 5 weeks ago! I hope it didn't get lost across the seas!

  7. What super people you two are. I love this. Especially the pigtails and knitting, and the lightning-fast sushi construction.

    What piece of music accompanies? I know that I love it, but I do not know its name. Oh wait! Is it from Amelie?

  8. LOVELOVELOVE this glimpse at your lives!
    So well and wonderfully done.

  9. The is just beautiful and the best. Definitely a new fan (discovery courtesy of your dear friends Tim and Sophie).


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