7 Jul 2012

à toute à l'heure

We're off on an adventure tomorrow -
to the north of france 
to see mont saint michel and the bayeux tapestry and 
splash our toes in the ocean, eat normandy butter 
among other things,
then across to belgium -
to ghent and brugge and then near brussels for my cousin's wedding
to his lovely belgium bride -
mostly though,
we are going to be with my muma and my dear stepdad
eat well, talk a plenty, listen to tunes, 
sleep in (alex), knit (me), cuddle Reuben (all)

Part of me really wants to keep blogging while we're away 
tell you as it happens of the sights and sounds of the north,
and part of me wants a kind of long-over-due fast from the computer
and blogging and emailing and all the rest,
though I love it,
I need the break
to soak in fresh air,
embrace my husband,
and those chubby lips of my little boy -
and well,
just be.

see you soon lovely ones
à toute à l'heure


  1. Wheeee, sounds like a fantastic summer holiday!

    Safe travels, deary.

  2. Have the most blessed time 'just being' my friend!
    No doubt you will soak it all in :)

  3. yes yes! so happy for your trip, enjoy yourself!

  4. Very wise lovely Emily. Too much blogging turns one into an observer rather than a participator. (Mind you I enjoy reading your blog!) Have a truly immersed and wondrous time with Lois and Philip and savour all those moments. Kisses to you all, Wendy M

  5. I hope your journey is wonderful and restful! Enjoy the time with your sweet family!


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