28 Jul 2012

part V: farewell for now

this afternoon we said farewell to my mama and stepdad (aka mamie and grandpa). their time in this part of the world seems to have passed so quickly, too quickly. It was wonderful to get away with them to the north, but mostly, it was precious to see them love on their little grandson. As Reuben and I walked back to the house after waving them off I felt my heart sink, knowing how many months it will be before we see them again, knowing how far away all our kin are. And yet the memories of our adventures together, of conversation, of big kisses, tickles, cuddles, giggles on the floor, toe-grabbing, knuckle-slombering, car seat hysterics, lullabies, walks about the countryside are still full and fresh, and deeply satisfying...


  1. Your mum is gorgeous and there is so much resemblance between you too (i'm sure you've been told that too many times haha!)
    Yea separation between loved ones is so hard but yay to some quality communion and loving time!

    and oh I think Reuben is just the most photogenic little person ever!

  2. My gosh, he's getting big! <3 What a dear. I hope someday I meet you all and can give you a big hug!

  3. such lovely photos - I especially love the last one and the one of Philip dipping Reuben!

    try not to think about how long it'll be - it'll go by so quickly.


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