26 Jul 2012

part III: Brussels

next we stayed for a couple of days in belgium's capital. it is a fascinating city; a mix of industrial buildings, old stone, gratified walls, urban sprawl, modernist lines. every now again some lush green of trees or oxidised copper. Something playful and honest and unpretentious about the place. I think the biggest highlight though, this time, was wandering through the Magritte exhibition and then onto the Royal Musée of fine arts for a gaze at Bruegel's masterpieces - four hundred years or so between those incredible artists; and yet such imagination, colour, profundity, humour.


  1. The "please do not eat your waffles in front of the window" sign cracks me up. :)

  2. Mmmm such great experiences!

    What would be wrong about eating waffles in front of the window I wonder?

  3. europe... so wonderfully historic.

    BTW - comments box is working now!

  4. I placed your letter in the post today. I hope it arrives to your letterbox safe and sound!

  5. I love Bruegel and Margritte--in fact, we just watched a BBC documentary on Bruegel's Census at Bethlehem last night. And you saw some of the originals! I am jealous, but so thrilled for you.


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